The Best Cardio to Burn Belly Fat

by StuRap

The Best Cardio to Burn Belly Fat

Fortunately, you can download slow cardio, add intervals, and also save time in training. Here’s why.

Australian study compared the exercise every 20 minutes (actually three times a week), compared with 40 minutes of endurance training goals (including 3 times per week). Women have lost a 15-week training interval group belly fat. The group has a virtual morbidity and mortality.

Thus, the reduction in space is possible as long as you do not expect or continuous cardiac, abs do the trick. Instead, use a workout. According to Professor Steve Boucher, co-author of the final phase of training in intervals to Australia can see better than slow heart carry high intensity intermittent exercise in a larger body fat in the stomach. ”

Basically, interval training to burn belly fat stomach, when all other sources of fat in the body.

Now, everyone knows that does not work on site reduction. Otherwise, here’s the story. For some reason many people think that doing crunches tone belly fat. Unfortunately, this is not true.

In fact, Boucher cited the following example ..

“..The researchers fat studied by elite tennis racket arm. Is the logic that if you should have a tennis racket to use handle much more than the other arm and then the fat is less. Weapons tennis racket is usually more muscle and bone mass, but similar thickness. ”

So here is the interesting theory, Boucher ..Remember, it does not say speed interval training on the bike to burn more fat around the legs. Instead, says the feet of local application would be to reduce fat around the abdomen. On the contrary, what an athlete thinks beginners. Boucher also said that this program works well for people who are separated by a lot of belly fat – not just women.

So why the intervals so well?

Boucher believes it has something called growth hormone catecholamines (adrenaline is a catecholamine hormone) to do. These increases after long intervals, but not by slowing the heart.

Catecholamines is a fat burning hormones and receptors, many of catecholamines in abdominal fat ..It seems that the high bandwidth of hormones to burn fat, burn fat, the end in a white belly.

Interesting theory ..Let’s see if they do more research and found that the idea to burn belly fat. But it’s nice to studies to see the music show to lose in a more effective cardio exercises for belly fat slowly.

Surprisingly, Boucher recommends an exercise bike is one of the best ways to burn fat all the time. It appears that another expert was talking about fat years ..Oh yeah, it’s mine! I know, and studies show that to the use of strength training and burn more fat than cardio exercise gradually apart.

Boucher also recommends that the Mediterranean diet (rich in fruits and vegetables) ..In another case, the emergence of “turbulence” (ie, emphasis on fruits and vegetables).

So please ..troubled youth, before this study, but supports the latest research and expert assumptions. And do not forget, Boucher and his team did not even throw a resistance exercise Turbulence Training ..likely to have the stomach to burn fat and lose belly fat.

Forgot example, with a stationary bike for an hour, you get the same performance, or more than 20 minutes to burn fat. Intensity exercise is the most important factor in the price of energy during training and the success of fat loss!

After 5 minutes of heat, not the beginning of the sample:

– After 15 seconds of intense work (90% of maximum heart rate).

– Continue with “active rest” (~ 30% of maximum heart rate) 2 min.

– Run intervals 3-6.

– End of 5 minutes (or more) of moderate physical activity.

How can I become more sophisticated and accustomed to intervals, progress:

– Increase in 95-98% of maximum heart rate (still a bit “backwards).

– 30 to 60 seconds every 30-60 seconds, only the active recreation.

– Try, while the same length or longer than the active jobs.

– Make the 6.12 intervals per session.

– End of 5 minutes (or more) of moderate physical activity.

Interval training is the best cardio to burn belly fat and reduce body fat, rather than the abdominal muscles in the abdomen.

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