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How to Kick Your Cardio Up a Notch and Win the Fat Wars

Kick Your Cardio Up

Kick Your Cardio Up

I hated running all the way back in junior high school. The actual process of running was not bad, just the last mile or so. I would get the familiar twisting in my gut and the burning in my chest. Just when I think my eye balls were about to explode, I would be at my finishing point.

The act of running for long distances was never fun for me because it was long, drawn out and boring. The advent of the Walkman turned a lot of us around because we could get amped on our soundtracks and get inspired. The glory days of audio cassettes made fitness much more bearable.

I still hated the prospect of that last mile every time in spite of the sexy sound of Monty Norman and John Barry’s James Bond theme finishing my run...

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