Burn Fat With Exercise – Cardio, Resistance and the Four Letter F Word

Burn Fat With Exercise

Burn Fat With Exercise

When you burn fat with exercise it is important that you exercise smart and sometimes hard. Don’t worry I will explain what I mean by hard. You need to mix things up to truly get a good fat burning exercise. Of course we know about cardio , but their are to other methods you should be doing to burn fat.

First off cardio is a great way to burn fat, but you should be mixing it up. I used to have a trainer and one thing she would always tell me to do was switch up cardio routines. The reason being you will get burnt out if all you do is run the treadmill. So sometimes I would jump on the elliptical and other times I would do the boat row. This is a way of working out smart not hard, but with cardio comes resistance training.

When you want to burn fat with exercise you need to do resistance training, that’s right resistance training. This is very important when it comes to burning fat. If all you do is cardio then your are going to have to work twice as hard on the treadmill. Resistance training will boost your metabolism and burn fat in the process. When you do a good Resistance training and cardio workout you will burn twice as much fat then you would with cardio alone.

Okay, I said I would explain hard. Alright the four letter f word when your trying to burn fat, you ready for it, here it goes FOOD! The hard part when it comes to burning fat is eating right. Diet is a big reason why people stop working out or never start. I remember the day of my first training session I went to Mikey D’s and stuffed my face like it was the last burger i was ever going to eat, man did i regret that. If I can give you one piece of advise, once you start working out, the eating part will get easier.

When you burn fat with exercise you want take these tips to the bank and for some more fat burning advise check out Fastest Way To Lose Fat.

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